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Home Loan Health Check

As rates rise and fall, technology evolves, and the economic climate fluctuates, so too do home loan rates!

Much like regular health check-ups, it’s important to periodically monitor home loan rates and terms and conditions of your current product. While a home loan may have seemed like a perfect fit at the time of submitting the application, the rate and product may not fit your current circumstances.  

From finding the right home loan and the tedious application process right through to ensuring you’re in a stable financial position to comfortably handle repayment costs, the team at Mortgage Star understands how daunting getting a home loan can be. Mortgage Star prides itself on offering a stress and hassle free process, allowing our clients more time to focus on their day-to-day life with peace of mind that their present and future assets are the key priority for our team of true professionals and industry experts. It is for this reason that Mortgage Star offers FREE Home Loan Health Checks, for added reassurance that you’re choosing the right home loan for your unique requirements, which will allow you to benefit both short-term and long-term.

With our completely free Home Loan Health Check, that requires no booking fee, you can enjoy added reassurance that you’re making smart financial choices for future success. Even better, if you need assistance finding a more appropriate home loan for your requirements, our expert Mortgage Brokers can take the stress and time off your hands!

Simply use our comparison calculator to compare your present loan with other scenarios.