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Home Loan Application Process

When choosing Mortgage Star as your trusted Mortgage Broker, you will enjoy a convenient, hassle free and streamlined process, from the initial enquiry right through to securing the loan. At Mortgage Star, we aim to provide all of our valued clients with a simple, straight forward and comprehensive service to ensure a hassle free home loan application process.

With Mortgage Star's guaranteed 31 day turnaround time frame on securing a loan, we follow a strict process to ensure your deadline is met and our high standard of service is maintained. As part of our 31 day home loan application process, you can expect the following:

Phase One: Initial Meeting

During the initial consultation with our Mortgage Broker, we will discuss your Home Loan requirements, lifestyle and future plans to ensure we find a suitable Home Loan that will not only benefit you in the short term, but also the long term. During this phase, we will discuss Lenders and Loan products to ascertain which lenders and products best suit your present and future needs and requirements. 

Following on from this, our expert Mortgage Broker will make recommendations based on your brief and the conversations had. Once a decision has been made on the most appropriate home loan product, the home loan application process begins!

Phase Two: The Application Process

Once we have received all supporting documents, we will lodge your Home Loan application to the Lender within a guaranteed 24 hour period. Once the Lender has acknowledged receipt of your application, we will receive a confirmation. This usually takes place within a 24 hour period, post lodgement. 

Phase Three: Conditional Approval

Depending on the service level of your chosen Lender, we will receive conditional approval within 3 days. We will receive a confirmation from the Lender along with any conditions that need to be met for formal/unconditional approval. 

Following this, valuation reports will be completed by the Lender, depending on access to the property/s, within a 3-4 day period. 

Phase Four: Formal Approval

Once satisfactory valuations have been returned and all other conditions have been met, formal approval will be received from the Lender. This usually takes place within a 2-3 day period of the Lender receiving the valuation reports. 

Phase Five: Mortgage Documents

Once we have received confirmation of formal approval, your lender will send you the mortgage documents to sign and return. This usually takes 5 working days. You are advised to return the signed documents within 7 days. 

Phase Six: Settlement 


Within 3-5 days of your documents being returned to the Lender, your conveyancer/solicitor will be contacted to book settlement. 


Within 3-5 days of the Lender receiving your signed loan documents, they will liaise with your current Lender to refinance your loan. Your current Lender may take up to 10 working days to discharge your current mortgage.